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Customise and accessories - top ten tips

As we head for the festive season, we’ve tips from Sue Locke for adding glamour to evening wear and making cosy accessories


1 Take a tip from Keira Knightley and make a simple belt for a special occasion by using a length of wide satin ribbon. Secure it with an over-sized vintage brooch.

2 Freshen up a plain evening skirt by adding a layer of different coloured chiffon over the top.

3 Update last year’s cardigan with a fake fur collar in a toning colour.

4 Stretch the life of a strappy summer evening dress by adding a cosy bolero in mohair.

5 Transform a plain sweater by covering the shoulders and neckline with beads or rhinestones that can be hand stitched or fabric glued in place.

6 Add drama to a simple wrap by adding extra long fringing.

7 Make a trendy scarf that a teenager will love by simply cutting and finishing a narrow but long length of striped jersey

8 One shouldered dresses are back for winter 2008. Make a black dress more glamorous by adding an enormous lace bow on the shoulder line.

9 Waistcoats require very little material and you can even make the back in lining. Scour your fabric store for remnants and make a cosy layer in wool.

10 Non-fraying fleece is easy to work with so ring the changes on a simple jacket pattern. Take a design tip from Betty Jackson and work your side, shoulder, underarm and armhole seams on the right side of the garment.

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