How-to Tips

Make Do and Mend!

Make over accessories into the latest looks following Sue Locke’s fashion tips and creative ideas

1. Add small studs to the back of winter gloves to create a fashionable rock-chick image.

2.  Floaty tunics are a hot fashion trend this year. Create one for evening by simply lengthening a short strappy camisole and making it thigh length.

3. Topshop sell pom-pom necklaces for £20. Make your own by sewing the small woollen balls onto a strip of ribbon.

4. Take last year’s beanie and give it a makeover by covering it in shiny sequins.

5.  Give a new lease of life to that little black dress by covering the shoulders in pretty beads.

6.  Have you any bright leather or suede offcuts? If so, shape them into tiny bows and glue them to the backs of some plain leather pumps.

7. Give a plain black jacket a Kate Moss edge and finish it with gold epaulettes, gold braiding and brass buttons.

8. Satchel-shapes are the latest news in bags, make your own in tough black denim and use an enormous buckle to fasten it.

9. Make your clutch bag more practical and stitch on a gold chain for a strap       

10. Making a coat is a time consuming project so choose top quality material and a style like a duffle coat that will remain a classic favourite.

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