Sewing Project

Awesome Awning

Create shade and shelter with a little stitching and some pretty pinking and enjoy this candy stripe awning as you wile away a few hours in the garden. Made from heavyweight cotton or canvas, it’s easy to put up and very transportable.

This simple garden awning has been created using a heavyweight striped cotton and metal eyelets to make it an instant garden canopy that is easy to put up and is very transportable. The awning can be tied to any sturdy structure such as fencing or trees; you could even attach it to the side of your house to create a shady patio area by fitting hooks to the wall.

You will need

2 m striped fabric (79”)
150 cm of cotton tape (60”)
Tracing paper, pencil and paper for pattern
Tailor’s chalk
6 large buttons
Two 15 mm metal eyelets (5/8”)
Hammer to fix eyelets
Two lengths of 2 cm wooden dowelling (3/4”)
Two wooden finials
Approx 3 m cord (3 yd)
Pinking shears

Take 15 mm (5/8”) seam allowances throughout unless otherwise indicated.

To make

turn under raw edges and add tapes to two corners

1. Turn over and pin 1 cm (3/8”) and then another 13 mm (1/2”) on all sides of the striped fabric. Cut two 75 cm (30”) lengths of cotton tape, fold in half and machine stitch at two of the corners.
make pattern and draw around it on folded edge

2. Using the paper and pencil, draw a template for the pennant shape. Draw a triangle 20 cm across the top and 18 cm long. Then at the opposite end of the tapes, fold over 24 cm (9 ½”) to the wrong side. Lay the pennant pattern on the folded-over section and draw around it with tailor’s chalk, moving it along each time until there are six triangles to form a line of ‘bunting’.

cut out bunting shapes after stitching around outlines
3. Machine stitch along the chalk lines. Cut around the triangles with pinking shears about 6 mm (1/4”) from the stitched line.
hand sew buttons to each shaped edge
4. Hand stitch a button to each triangle.
make eyelets on two corners
5. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fix an eyelet at each side of the bunting.
use a bradawl to make holes in centre of dowelling
6. Cut the dowelling to the required length. Using a bradawl, make a hole in one end of each piece of dowelling.
Thread awning on pole and top with finials7. Place a piece of dowelling on the underside of an eyelet, and screw a finial into it securely.
Tie tape around base of finial

Tie tapes to opposite corners and attach to trees or hooks in walls
8. Tie the tape onto hooks screwed into a wall or to the branches of a tree. Push the ends of the doweling into the ground, pulling the awning taut. Loop cord around the bottom of the finials, pull taut and fasten to the ground with tent pegs.

Further information
This fabulous project is from Sewing in No Time by Emma Hardy, published by Cico Books ( It includes 50 simple step-by-step projects using nothing more than the most basic of sewing skills. It is the perfect book for people who are big on ideas but short of time. Each project is beautifully photographed and illustrated. Priced &pound 14.99, it is available from all good bookshops and from (isbn 978-1-906094-25-6).

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