Sewing Project

Gathering Up the Goodies Bag

The casual look of a drawstring bag makes it the perfect accessory when you’re on the go. Why not combine a felted sweater and unusual hardward such as these curtain grommets to make a sporty bag.

* Old long sleeved pullover sweater

  • Matching sewing thread
  • 8 × 2.5 cm (1”) diameter brushed silver curtain grommets

    Getting Started
    Examine the sweater to determine the best way to use the knit pattern or design. You’ll need to cut two same size rectangles. This bag was made from 30.5 × 35.6 cm (12 × 14”) rectangles cut from the front and back of the sweater.

Steps to make

1. With right sides together, sew down the sides and across the bottom to close the cut sweater edges.

2. To make mitred corners on the bottom of the bag, keep the right sides together. At one corner, bring the bottom seam to the side seam and sew across the triangle about 10 cm (4”0 from the corner point. Repeat for the other corner. Hand-stitch the points to the bottom seam of the bag so it is neat inside. Turn the bag right side out.

3. Measure across the top edge of the bag and mark the location of four evenly spaced grommets on each side. To apply the grommets, follow the application instructions on the grommet packaging.

4. Cut a 2.5 cm – 4 cm (1 – 1”) wide ‘coil’ strip from one of the sleeves as shown here. Fold or finger press the cut edges to the inside and hand slipstitch the strip closed to create the drawstring shoulder strap.

5 Thread the strap in and out of the grommets and then hand slipstitch the ends of the strap together.

Further Information

This project has been reproduced with the kind permission from Sweater Surgery – How to Make New Things with Old Sweaters by Stefanie Girard (ISBN 9781592534203). Full of great ideas for transforming outdated knitwear into fashionable garments, bags, jewellery, cushions and toys this book has 35 projects complete with cutting diagrams and scaleable patterns show just how easy it is to salvage knitted fabrics and convert them into something stylish and new. ‘Sweater Surgery’ is published by Quarry Books in spiral-bound hardback for £12.99. For further details or to order a copy contact RotoVision on tel: 01273 727268.

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