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Recycle a bag campaign – bag pattern

Brother have joined forces with Morsbag to help launch their Recycle a Bag campaign. The instructions to make this simple shopping bag are so easy even absolute beginners can have a go.


2 pieces material  46 × 51 cm (18” x 20”) for bag
2 pieces material 46 × 10 cm (18” x 4”) for handles
Matching cotton
Sewing Machine

Takes 20 minutes, when organised

To make

1. Iron narrow hem along one side of both handles

2. Fold the other long side into middle of the handle material, and lay ironed hemmed side over it (may sound confusing – easy in practice – and the ironing avoids extra seam sewing). Stitch down the middle and either side to make it strong for all those heavy jars of marmite.

3. Iron narrow hem on top of bag pieces. Iron over again in wider hem

4. Stitch hem, enclosing handles (pointing downwards) as you go. Turn handles upwards and stitch firmly in place.

5. Wrong sides together, sew round three sides of bag, then turn so right sides are together and sew again round three sides of bag (this creates French seams, which neatly encase the raw edges).Turn right side out – admire.

Further information

To view these step by step instructions with diagrams, visit: and follow the links. For more details about Morsbags, visit

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