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Quick and Easy Raw Edge Applique Cushion Cover

Wendy Gardiner shows you how to make these super easy cushion covers that have a definite WOW factor! These are quick and inexpensive cushions that will be unique to you.


  • 36cm of cotton fabric 90cm wide
  • Thread: colour for stems, colour to contrast with petals, colour to co-ordinate with cushion fabric
  • Remnants/scraps of fabric for flower heads (2 pieces, 15cm square)
  • 36cm square of wadding or medium interfacing
  • 36cm square cushion paid (14”)

To Make up
1. Cut main fabric into three pieces as follows: 1 piece 36cm square and 2 pieces 36 × 23cm

2. Draw a five – six petal flower shape on paper so that it is about 15cm wide/high. Lay the template on the fabric remnant and cut out. Draw a second five petal shape slightly smaller (or cut down the first one) and cut this out from second fabric.

3. Place flowers on the right side of the main fabric panel, positioning them where you want them. Once pleased with the position, mark where they are to be with a tiny chalk cross and then remove the flowers. Using the chalk pencil, draw stems from the flowers – remember, they don’t have to be straight).

4. Place the wadding on the back of the 36cm square piece. Set your machine for a zigzag stitch, reduce the width to 3 and the length to 0.70 and stitch the stems from chalk mark to bottom of cushion (stop about 5cm from lower edge). If desired add a leaf or two, stitching the outline with the zigzag stitch. Then change back to straight stitch to sew the veins, going back and reverse.

5. Position flowers in place again, then using straight stitch and starting from the centre of the flower, stitch out towards a petal edge, reverse to the centre, with needle down, raise presser foot and pivot fabric to stitch to the next petal edge. Repeat for both flowers. Press.

6. Turn under one long edge of each back piece under by 2cm, tucking the raw edge under again and press. Stitch in place and press.

7. Lay cushion front on flat surface, right side up. Lay back pieces on top, right side down so the neatened edges overlap in the middle and all the outside edges are even. Starting in the centre of one edge, sew around the cushion, taking a 15mm seam allowance. At corners stop with needle down, raise presser foot, pivot and continue. Trim seam allowances to 5mm, cutting corners at an angle.

8. Neaten raw edges with zigzag stitch. Press, turn through and press again. Stuff with your cushion pad.

Further information
We used Makower Basics fabrics and Madeira Aerofil thread.

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