Sewing Project

Travel Wallet

make a pouch to safely store all your travel documents

Create a simple yet safe place for all the necessary travel documents. This pouch, Crafted by Nicola, makes a great gift for friends and can be personalised with suitable embroideries or appliqués.

Finished wallet dimensions when folded: width 27 cm, depth 14cm
Felt and lining scraps
Heavyweight sew-in interfacing.
2 × 20 cm zips (8”)
27cm Velcro hook & loop fastener (sew on).
Paper, rule and pencil to draw out pattern pieces.
Motif, ribbon, beads etc.

I have chosen felt for this quick make project as raw edges don’t need to be finished. If you want to use a different fabric that will require seam neatening, consider adding further seam allowance.

Draw out all pattern pieces onto paper, note that all measurements show width then length dimensions. For fabrics other than sew in interfacing and felt, ensure equal grain line direction throughout.

I’ve used Embroidery design numbered 172804 by Husqvarna, customised as a repeat design for the embellishment.

HANDY HINT: Always embellish fabric for main wallet section prior to cutting out as extra fabric may be needed to accommodate embroidery hoop, or to align design.

Cut out all felt, lining and interfacing sections as follows (A seam allowance of 15 mm (5/8”) is included, unless otherwise stated).

Main wallet section – cut one 27 × 38 cm (10 ½ x 15”)
Boarding card – cut one 27 × 12.5 cm (10 ½ x 4 7/8”)
Credit card – cut one 27 × 9 cm (10 ½ x 3 ½”)
Passport – cut one 27 × 16 cm (10 ½ x 6 ¼”)
Coin – cut one 27 × 12 cm (10 ½ x 4 ¾”)
Strips – cut two 41 × 1.5 cm (16 × 5/8”) and two 30 × 1.5 cm (11 ¾ x 5/8”)

Cut same size as felt for all sections except strips

Main wallet section – cut one 24 × 35 cm (9 ½ x 13 ¾”)

To make up
baste loop side of Velcro to right side of embroidered wallet front
1. Baste loop side of Velcro to right side of main wallet, 6.5 cm (2 ½”) from bottom edge of wallet.

2. Centralise interfacing on wrong side of main wallet, baste in position.

3. Stitch Velcro to main wallet through both felt and interfacing.


Boarding card and credit card sections
4. Match boarding card section to corresponding lining section, with right sides together stitch along one long end using 15 mm (5/8”) seam allowance. (NB: If fabric slides consider using a walking foot). Press seam.

HANDY HINT: If using a contrasting lining as a design feature; roll lining into view above seam edge so that it will show on finished wallet.

5. Top stitch close to edge. Repeat same for credit card section.

6. Place completed credit card section on to boarding card section with right sides up and bottom edges even. Pin then baste together.

stitch credit card pockets through all layers
7. Stitch credit card section dividers through all thicknesses.

8. Pin then baste this whole section onto main lining section with bottom edges even.

Passport and coin sections

measure and mark zip placement on fabric
stitch around zip position and cut through layers ready to turn through
9. For both sections; with right sides together pin each section to corresponding lining section. Transfer zip aperture location onto lining using a soft pencil. Sew around aperture. Cut centre of rectangle and into corners.

pull lining through to wrong side creating an opening for zip
10. Pull lining to wrong side of felt through opening. Press.

HANDY HINT: If edges will not lay flat use tacking stitch to temporarily secure.

position zip centrally in opening and baste11. Stitch open end of zip together securely by hand. Locate zip centrally within opening, baste in place. Using a zip foot sew in zip then remove basting stitch.

Pin passport section to credit and boarding card piece
12. Lay passport section right side down on top of boarding card and credit card section, having passport top level with lining bottom. Pin. Stitch using a 15 mm (5/8”) seam allowance across bottom of passport section through all thicknesses.

13. Turn up passport section. Pin then press.

Add coin section on top of passport piece
14. Lay coin section right side down on top of passport section, having bottom of coin section level with top of passport. Pin. Stitch using only 1 cm (3/8”) seam allowance across bottom of coin section through all thicknesses. Turn up coin section. Pin then press.

15. Top stitch bottom of passport and coin sections close to bottom seams.

Add hook side of velcro to coin section above zip
16. Baste then sew hook side of Velcro onto coin section just above zip.

Inner part of wallet has now been constructed.

Wallet assembly

1. Trim 1cm (3/8”) from all four sides of wallet inner.

2. Centralise wallet inner right side up onto wrong side of wallet. Ensure you have wallet and inner sections correctly aligned. Baste around entire circumference, through all thicknesses.

3. Place felt strip on a short side of wallet inner, stitch down close to both edges of strip encasing raw edge of wallet inner.

4. Repeat for other short side, and then do long sides overlapping ends at corners.

5. Remove any basting stitches. Press wallet.

Stockist information
Embroidery design: Husqvarna Viking online shop,

Isacord embroidery thread: Barnyarns, Tel: 01765 690069,
Felt: Croft Mill, Tel: 01282 869625,
Poly/Cotton fabric and Gutermann thread: Exeter Sewing machines, Tel: 01392 275660,

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